Day 20: Anime Character That Gets on My Nerves


Unlike the other categories, this one was easy to figure out. The anime character that gets on my nerves is Sae Kashiwagi from Peach Girl. I get a headache everytime she appears on my screen. Sae and Momo (the main character) are friends yet she’s always plotting something. Sae is jealous of Momo and tries to copy her down to the last detail. They wear the same school uniform, shoes and makeup. Sae is constantly a source of stress for Momo. She has a big mouth and is a perpetual liar.

Sae paints herself as the victim and makes it look like Momo is bullying her. She twists reality into whatever she wants to construct. She also knows that Momo likes Toji but tries to steal him for herself. She wants everything that Momo has. She doesn’t really get much better even towards the end of the anime.

Sae is a dishonest person who has terrible self-esteem. She always has to tear others down to feel good about herself. Sae is someone who can’t control her temper and easily has outbursts. I remember yelling at the TV when I first watched the show. That’s how much Sae bothers me.


Have you seen Peach Girl and also hate Sae? Which anime character gets on your nerves? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever

150063.jpg.pngThe most epic scene is the first 7 or 8 minutes of the anime Elfen Lied. It’s disturbing, bloody, scary and has a lot of nudity. It definitely leaves an impression on you. It’s hard to get out of your head. In this scene, we see a woman with pink hair that seems to be able to kill people with her mind. She is wearing a helmet over her head. She has no mercy and doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone standing in her way. Heads are coming off along with other body parts.

We don’t know why she’s doing this so it makes you want to watch the rest of the anime to see what happens. I chose it as the most epic scene ever because it still gives me chills to this day. If you’re into horror anime, I would highly recommend Elfen Lied. Despite their best efforts, the security guards aren’t able to shoot Lucy. At the end of the scene, she falls into a body of water.

Elfen Lied is one of the most heartbreaking anime I’ve ever watched. It’s worth watching to learn about Lucy’s story and to be introduced to other characters. Since the scene is rather explicit, you can go to YouTube and search for it yourself. That’s why I’m not posting it on here. Comment below with your thoughts on Elfen Lied! Also, chime in with your favorite epic anime scene.



Day 18: Favorite Supporting Female Anime Character


My favorite supporting female anime character is Layla Hamilton from Kaleido Star. At first glance, she’s easy to hate. She’s beautiful, blonde and everyone loves her. Plus, she gets to work with Yuri on advanced acrobatic routines. She is also mean to Sora when she first auditions for Kaleido Stage. Layla is someone who values hard work and dedication when it comes to her training. It’s easy to see why Sora would view her as a role model.

I like Layla because she isn’t perfect. Ultimately, she’s a relatable character that struggles with personal issues like the rest of us. Her relationship with her father is strained and doesn’t feel authentic. He kept paying people to come to her birthday party every year so she kept canceling the party. Layla is strong and bold; watching her perform is always thrilling.

It’s especially fun to learn more about her when she starts training with Sora for new productions. The two characters balance each other out well. They’re so different yet they share a lot of the same values.


Who’s your favorite female supporting anime character? Comment below.

Day 17: Favorite Male Supporting Anime Character


After much deliberation, I’ve come to the conclusion that Akio Furukawa is my favorite male supporting anime character. You probably know him as Nagisa’s father from Clannad and Clannad: After Story. He’s literally the best. He provides some much needed comic relief when things get heavy. Yet, he’s also a considerate person who deeply cares about his wife, Sanae, and his daughter, Nagisa. He’s kind towards others and sees the best in Tomoya after getting to know him personally.


Akio is a huge goofball and accidentally insults her mysterious bread concoctions but then apologizes profusely right after. One of my favorite episodes was when he wore a “disguise” (sunglasses and a rapper-esque outfit) and went with Tomoya to spy on Nagisa at her waitress job. He’s a driven person who once had dreams of being in theater. He puts Nagisa’s needs before his own. I’m convinced he’s the best father character in anime. He’s actually around and there for emotional support. He also takes care of Ushio until she’s 5 years old with Sanae, after Nagisa passes away.


Akio is one of the most selfless anime characters that I’ve come across. He’s passionate about life and is always an optimist. His attitude is one that I aspire to have. For your enjoyment, here’s one of my favorite Akio moments (this video is from the user Limusicify on YouTube):

Who’s your favorite male supporting anime character? Sound off in the comments below.


Day 16: Anime with the Best Animation

The anime with the best animation is Gekkan Shojo (Monthly Girls’) Nozaki-kun. I really enjoyed watching it because of the crisp, smooth details. Each character is aesthetically pleasing. It makes sense because the show is focused on a manga artist. The animation for the main character, Chiyo Sakura, is just too cute. She’s a precious cinnamon roll who you really want to hug. The animation is done in a modern style without being overdone or cheesy. The show came out during Summer 2014, so it’s not too old of a title. Also, the opening itself is extremely fun! I like the use of manga frames, colors and the art supplies moving around at the end. I also appreciate the effort put into the backgrounds. It feels really cute altogether with a girly flair.


The animation studio was Doga Kobo. They’ve produced other popular anime including Himouto! Umaru-Chan, Plastic Memories and New Game. I can definitely see similarities between these titles. All of the characters are drawn in a cute, shojo-esque style. The animation really enhances the show itself. What anime do you think has the best animation? Sound off in the comments below.



Day 15: Favorite Animal Sidekick

My favorite animal sidekick is definitely Luna from Sailor Moon! This was a no-brainer for me. Sailor Moon was such a large part of my childhood. In fact, I’m on the S season right now, so I’m slowly watching my through the entire soon. In the first episode, Usagi saves Luna, the black cat, from a few bullies who were messing with her. Ever since then, Luna becomes an integral part of the story. She’s like the conscience of Usagi. Where Usagi is dimwitted, Luna is intelligent. Who doesn’t love a talking cat? Luna’s kind of like an overprotective mom to the Sailor Senshi. She’s hilarious, adorable and is never afraid to stand up for what she believes in.


Luna is small but fierce. If I ever have a cat, I’m going to name her Luna. She battles against villains on the show to protect Usagi and the others. She’s someone that the girls can look to as a role model. She’s not perfect but isn’t afraid to work hard to get the job done. The show wouldn’t feel right without her. I like that she’s not one of those typical annoying sidekicks. She serves a purpose and doesn’t mess around. Feel free to comment below with your favorite animal sidekick in an anime! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Day 14: An Anime that Never Gets Old

An anime that never gets old is Azumanga Daioh! It’s one of my all-time favorites. It’s hilarious and whimsical without being overrated. It’s a short 26 episode series so it’s easy to watch. My favorite character is Osaka who is literally from Osaka, Japan. Her real name is Ayumu Kasuga but she’s given that nickname on the show. I also appreciate the fact that Chiyo’s father is a giant orange cat that speaks English. Plus, who doesn’t love Miss Yukari and her crazy antics as a teacher?


Who says teachers have to be normal and level-headed? I love Chiyo too, she’s a 10 year old genius who’s smart enough to be a high school student. This anime features a wacky friend group that goes on various adventures. The opening is super catchy too. This was one of the first anime titles I ever watched. Sakaki is the strong, silent type who is secretly a cinnamon roll on the inside. Despite the carefree attitude of the show, the characters go through great development. Here’s the opening for the anime:

I love listening to Chiyo’s cooking song too. She’s just so adorable!! I can recommend both the english dub and Japanese version with subtitles. They really did a great job of picking talented voice actors for the show. This show would provide a great group cosplay too! The Azumanga Daioh uniforms are very cute. What’s your top anime that never gets old? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. If you haven’t seen Azumanga Daioh, I would highly recommend it!


Day 13: Anime Character You’re Most Similar to

It took a lot of soul searching but I finally found the anime character I’m most similar to. Drumroll please! It’s Kanako Ohno from Genshiken. I just finished the first season and am now on the second season of the show. She’s kind, considerate and is always thinking of others. Also, even the characters we cosplay are the same. In one episode, she cosplayed Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica. I’ll be doing that cosplay for Anime Midwest! Also, I’m a college student who’s part of an anime club, so that setup is pretty similar. Watching the anime reminds me of my friends. The majority of my friends are guys, so Genshiken is like my own life. I also feel the same way when Ohno gets excited over cosplaying, anime and manga.


I can also relate to her being more introverted and reserved. I’m more like that when people first meet me. However, once people get to know me, I’m more outgoing. I, like Ohno, am always doing my best to get others involved in anime club activities. She’s sweet, funny and cute. She’s my favorite character in Genshiken. I feel like she’s had great character development over the course of the show.


Which anime character are you most like? Sound off in the comments section below!


Day 12: Saddest Anime Scene


First, before I go any further, this post WILL HAVE SPOILERS. TURN BACK NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE AFTER STORY SEASON OF CLANNAD. I remembered a touching scene between Ushio and Tomoya. When thinking of the saddest anime scene, Clannad: After Story immediately came to mind. Here’s the scene itself (credit goes to TwilightFan1400 for uploading this video and to the studio that created Clannad: After Story):

Ushio and Tomoya go on a trip together. Tomoya abandoned Ushio and left her with Nagisa’s parents after she passed away. Nagisa died during childbirth, sadly, so Tomoya ended up as a single parent. Tomoya became depressed and became an alcoholic like his father and constantly had to work to make ends meet. He led an empty existence for a long time. On this trip together, Tomoya apologizes for being a bad father for so many years and Ushio forgives him. They’re able to live a happy together as he tells her more about Nagisa, her mother.

This is heartwarming yet sad at the same time. Ushio is told that there are certain places she can cry if she’s upset. One of them was “in daddy’s arms”. The music fits the scene perfectly and makes me cry every time I see it. Tomoya has had terrible luck in his life and things only continue to get worse with this show. Clannad: After Story isn’t for the weak-hearted person. Also, I get especially teary-eyed when Ushio talks about losing the toy that Tomoya gave her. She said it was special because it was her first gift from him.

I can’t remember which episode this is; let me know in the comments if you do. What do you think the saddest anime scene is? Sound off with your thoughts and opinions. Also, grab some tissues if you’re watching Clannad: After Story.