These Are a Few of my Favorite Things…

I was reading Gala Darling’s book, Radical Self Love, earlier today. She’s a blogger that writes about how to love yourself inside and out. One piece of advice from her book was to write a list of what makes you happy. I decided that this would be a great activity for me to do in terms of personal wellness. I also thought, “Why not do this on my blog?”. When I was thinking about what makes me happy, the song “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music comes to mind. Julie Andrews sings about schnitzel with noodles, raindrops on roses and warm woolen mittens. I like the positive message of this classic song. Now, let me share with you a few of my favorite things. The link to the song is below as featured on YouTube. Also, Gala Darling’s website link is provided below.

My Favorite Things

Gala Darling Website

  1. Shirtless guys in Cosmopolitan Magazine. What girl doesn’t love that?
  2. The Wisconsin Mac and Cheese from Noodles & Company! Go try it if you haven’t. I love the cheesiness of this dish.
  3. The smell of fresh flowers in the springtime.
  4. Dancing along to a great song when I’m out with friends.
  5. Spencer Hastings’ on-point outfits on Pretty Little Liars.
  6. My adorable stuffed Pikachu wearing a sailor suit and hat. It’s too cute! He looks great in my room.
  7. A delicious glass of sparkling white wine after a long day.
  8. Talking to a friend without technology-related interruptions (i.e. checking phone, texting etc.)
  9. The fact that Chicago has so many great neighborhoods I’ve yet to visit.
  10. The way someone personalizes a scrapbook, making it their own creation.
  11. Little Mix and Fifth Harmony – I love girl groups with catchy songs and a positive message.
  12. The feeling of satisfaction when you finish your homework.
  13. The fact that this is just the beginning – so many opportunities are just waiting to be found.
  14. Sharing memes and talking solely in GIFs with my best friends. This never gets old.
  15. Adorable cats with perky ears and long whiskers. I like holding them. Before I have children someday, I’ll definitely have a cat or two.


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