Top 5 Favorite YouTubers

Hi there – I wanted to talk to you today about 5 of my favorite YouTubers. They inspire me to be myself and are in encouraging when it comes to positive self-esteem. I found each of these channels at different times in my life and they have helped me considerably. Some are more recent finds while others I’ve been watching since I was a high school freshman. I think YouTube is a powerful platform to express yourself. Vlogging is really cool! I love seeing how people edit their videos and what music they add. It’s a great form of creative expression to film yourself and share ideas with viewers and subscribers. There are so many people that make money when they have successful YouTube channels too. YouTubers are so recognizable. I bet a lot of people would be more excited to meet Tyler Oakley than a huge actor like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. Here are my five favorite YouTubers and links to their channels and websites:

  1. Nikki Phillippi. She lives in Southern California and makes various lifestyle videos. Nikki covers topics like fashion, dating, beauty, home decor and cooking. There’s something for everyone. She’s an uplifting, positive-minded person that’s a great role model for young people. Nikki has a great sense of humor in her videos and frequently shows bloopers. Nikki is honest and has spoken openly about her past struggles in finding her faith and discovering what makes her happy. I’ve been watching her videos since my sophomore year of high school. I stumbled upon a video of hers and I’ve kept watching them ever since. I even got the chance to meet her at Generation Beauty by Ipsy a couple years ago in Los Angeles. She was with her husband, Dan, and they were both so kind and sweet. She gave me a hug and it made me so happy. Definitely check her out – she posts on her channel regularly and also started a blog called The Gang Magazine. I’ll be talking about that too!

Nikki Phillippi YouTube Channel

Nikki Phillippi Instagram

    2. Cambria Joy. She’s also another Californian and happens to live right by the beach. Cambria is in the process of becoming a personal trainer. She’s fit and healthy and has great recipes that are easy to re-create. She’s made videos about faith, loving who you are, cooking/baking, fashion and staying healthy. Cambria has a fresh perspective on these topics and has a great personality. She’s fun-loving and outgoing; it feels like you’re listening to a friend talk about her day. I found her channel a couple months ago, actually! I’m so happy I found it. Whenever I’m stressed or having a bad day, my first thought is, “I should watch one of Cambria’s videos!”. I appreciate that God is a part of her everyday life as a Christian. Even though I’m not Christian, I can understand and relate to the aspect of having faith in yourself and others. She has two channels: one for vlogging and her main channel. Here are both of them:

Cambria’s Main YouTube Channel

Cambria’s Vlogging Channel

Cambria Joy’s Instagram

3. Ingrid Nilsen. I love her so much! My best friend and I watched her all the time ever since late middle school – early high school. She has a witty sense of humor and her videos are always so relatable. Ingrid has fun and easy makeup tutorials. I’ve recreated a few of them myself. I like her “Get Ready With Me” videos – it feels like I’m watching my best friend get ready for a date or night out on the town. Ingrid is personable and down to earth, that’s why I like her. Now, she recently came out as gay. That took a lot of courage on her part and I really admire her bravery. She also dealt with the death of her father and that took a lot of strength to handle. She discusses social issues in a interesting way that her viewers appreciate. Ingrid has a great sense of style and also lives in Southern California, like many other YouTubers. I got to meet her at Generation Beauty by Ipsy. Here’s a picture!


Ingrid Nilsen’s YouTube Channel

Ingrid’s Vlogging Channel

Ingrid Nilsen’s Instagram

 4. Lindsey Hughes. She’s a fellow FIDM alumna! We were in the same program, just in different classes. Lindsey has such a cool, effortless style that has a slight edge. Her videos are mainly fashion and beauty related. She has a vlogging channel where she documents her traveling experiences and the time she spends with friends. Lindsey is such a kind-hearted person; I had the chance to meet her at school. She was a guest speaker for Student Council at the LA campus and was able to ask her some questions about being a YouTuber. I got to tell her how much her videos have helped me and inspired me to pursue a career in the beauty industry. Here’s a picture:


Lindsey Hughes’ Main Channel

Lindsey’s Vlogging Channel

Lindsey’s Instagram Page

5. The Gang Magazine. This channel was formerly known as Ask Nikki P. There are 6 YouTubers including Nikki Phillippi who contribute videos. It’s focused on answering advice that viewers send in. This advice ranges from dating to depression to eating healthy. There’s something for everyone. If you ever need help with something, I recommend visiting their channel. The Gang Magazine is also an online blog! I’ll include both links.

The Gang Magazine YouTube Channel

The Gang Magazine Website

Let me know if you check out any of these YouTubers and what videos you end up watching. I hope you have a great day!

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