Saved By the Max

Hi! Today, I wanted to talk about my experience at the Saved By the Max pop-up restaurant in Wicker Park (a neighborhood of Chicago). It was my friend Catherine’s idea to come here while she was visiting me quite awhile ago. I meant to post this a long time ago and kept forgetting to, so I figured I could post it now. It’s open until December 31, so get your tickets while you can. We lucked out and got tickets from a couple who wasn’t able to come for a 7 PM reservation. This restaurant is based on the hit ’90s TV show, Saved By the Bell. I didn’t know much about the show prior to visiting the diner. I had so much fun! There’s a bar area along with table and booth seating. It’s very colorful and vibrant – just like how it is on the show. It literally looks like what you see on the show.

I was really impressed with how authentic it felt. When you walk in, you can take pictures at Kelly Kapowski’s locker and AC Slater’s locker. Every you walked, there was so much ’90s nostalgia. We had a great waitress who was upbeat and friendly. It’s a good deal for all the food (alcoholic drinks not included). I’ll walk you through what I got. It was $35 for an appetizer, entree and dessert. I had Spano’s seasonal veggie (which was a sauteed brocollini), Lisa Turtle’s Grilled Cheese with Mr. Belding’s Fries and Hey, Hey, Hey Key Lime Pie (from Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits). I also got a cocktail called “I’m So Excited” based on Jessie Spano’s character.




The food and the service were really great! I can also recommend the Mac & Screech. I tried a bit of Catherine’s appetizer when she got it. If you’re a fan of the show, you should make reservations, so you can definitely get a spot. It’s super popular. Darren Criss went to the diner recently (I would’ve loved to meet him! He played Blaine Anderson on Glee). The actor who plays Mr. Belding is also coming to see the diner.


This was me at Kelly’s locker! Kelly and Zack for the win! Love those two as a pairing.


I thought this sign was really cute, so I took a picture of it.


Here’s AC Slater’s locker! Isn’t it super cool? I wish I could meet Mario Lopez in real life!

As a whole, I would recommend this pop-up restaurant to others, even if you know nothing about the show. The food, drinks and atmosphere were enjoyable. I started watching the show after visiting the restaurant, so I’m understanding some of the references better. It’s located at 1941 W. North Avenue. It’s easy to get to via public transportation. Catherine and I were coming from the Loop area, so it didn’t take too long. We took the blue line from LaSalle to Damen. Then, you walk a couple of minutes and it’s easy to spot. You could also drive there, though I don’t know about parking around the area. There’s also the option of transferring trains if needed (if you’re on the red line and need to get to the blue line). Go towards O’Hare to take the blue line train to Damen.

We went for dinner, but there’s also late night dining and bagged lunch service. I hope you have a great day, preppies! 🙂



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