Period Solutions & How to Deal

It’s something people feel really awkward talking about, so I’m going to make it less awkward and talk about it. Let me first say that periods are frustrating and nobody likes them. They’re like that person who takes forever to order a sandwich at Subway. Funny story time: When I went to Diamond Nationals in Minnesota, my Mom and I were in line at Subway. The woman in front of us felt the need to get 10 + sandwiches without calling ahead. She was also super picky about what went on each sandwich all the way down to the dressing and chips to go with each sandwich. Don’t be like her. Okay, back to periods. I’m here to provide some methods that’ll help make that time of month suck a whole lot less. I’m glad that it means we’re not pregnant, but can’t we just get a text saying “you cool, girl. I got you.”


Method #1: Place a hot washcloth or heating pad around your stomach area. Let it sit there for awhile and do something restful, like watching Netflix or reading a magazine/book. Something about the heat will help you feel better.

Method #2: Vent to a female friend. It helps to have someone to complain and commiserate with. They’ll understand what you’re going through.

Method #3: Drink more water. It seems counter-intuitive, but we tend to lose a lot of water from our bodies during this time of month. It’ll give you more energy too once you’re hydrated.

Method #4: Go on a short walk or do some yoga poses. Doing something simple like this can help ease cramps. Bring your phone and listen to your favorite spotify playlist. Child’s pose and Cat/Cow are two helpful yoga poses. Sun Salutations are great too.

Method #5: Embrace the feels and watch a sad movie. It’s okay. I promise this will help if you’re feeling really emotional. The Notebook is a pro choice. Same with Titanic.

Method #6: Prop up a pillow underneath your calves while in bed. This is really helpful. The elevation eases cramps and makes it much easier to sleep at night.

Method #7: Make sure you have the supplies you need when you’re on the go. There’s nothing worse than being stuck without a tampon/pad out in public. Thankfully, my school has a vending machine with tampons for students. Yay! More schools need to do that.

Method #8: Sleep in a bit longer if you can. Feel free to take a nap and don’t feel bad about it. You’re likely to feel drained and frustrated. Even 10 minutes of extra sleep is good.

Method #9: Count your blessings because you’re not pregnant! Yay! That’s a positive thing about periods.

Method #10: Get off of social media for awhile. You’re likely to feel crappy looking at fun photos that other people post. It’ll make you feel a lot of FOMO.


I hope these methods help you out! Comment below with your suggestions on how to deal with that time of month.


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