Clannad: My Favorite Anime


I was thinking about one of my favorite anime earlier – Clannad and its second season, Clannad: After Story. Also, before you go any further, there will be SPOILERS. Watch it before you read the rest of this post. I can say that it’s my #1 All-Time anime, even though I’ve watched so many since 7th grade. I discovered it just last semester and couldn’t stop watching it. Clannad is told from the point of view of Tomoya Okazaki. He’s a deadbeat student who has nothing to live for, until Nagisa Furukawa comes along. She’s looking to revive the drama club at their high school. She doesn’t have too many friends since she was sick for a good portion of the previous year. They take an interest in each other and become friends. Tomoya helps Nagisa rebuild the drama club. The two meet other interesting characters along the way, including Sunohara, Ryou and Kyou, Fuko, Kotomi, and Tomoyo. You get to learn each of their stories and more about who they are. Also, who could forget the Dango Daikazoku? I have the pink blushing dango at home.


The world they live in is unique. It’s parallel to another realm known as the Illusionary World. It’s hard to understand when you first watch the anime. There is a young girl who builds a robot, dreaming of a better life. If you watch it a second time, you’ll understand who the young girl and the robot are. I believe that magic truly does exist in Clannad. Miracles are granted when someone has a pure-hearted wish. I believe this is why the show ended on a happy note. Before, Nagisa died during childbirth and their daughter, Ushio, also passed away. It was too much of a burden for Tomoya to bear. He was desperate for happiness and spent his days drinking and taking his anger out on others. Tomoya was granted a miracle and was able to move on with his life and live happily with his wife and daughter. Here’sone of my favorite “feels” scene:

My other favorite part of the show is the romance between Nagisa and Tomoya. It slowly builds, but it’s worth it when he finally confesses his feelings to Nagisa. It’s the best moment in the show. Their love is so beautiful, so pure. It’s honest and sweet and kind. It’s the kind of love anyone would aspire to have. They’re just so cute. The way they hold hands and support each other is inspiring. They’re also silly too and aren’t afraid to be themselves. The two also help each other through tough times, like when they were first living in an apartment together. They adapt to new situations together. You can tell that they’re really in love as soulmates. Nagisa is Tomoya’s person. Tomoya is Nagisa’s person. Here’s the link to the confession scene:

I like the friendships that Nagisa and Tomoya have with their classmates. It was interesting to see those develop. Each friendship had an important lesson for them. They weren’t just random side characters like you sometimes see in anime. Sunohara was goofy and always getting into trouble. Tomoyo was a total badass and fiercely protected to her friends until the end. Even Nagisa’s parents were like friends to the pair. They were wacky and always doing something crazy. Love is an important part of the show, whether it was with friends or in romantic relationships.


Also, I cried so much during this show. No tear was left behind. There are so many feelings packed into the plot and musical soundtrack. It really left me speechless a lot of times. But, it also made me laugh and smile. Sometimes I’d get angry at a character. I experienced a wide range of emotions while enjoying Clannad. Especially the moments with Ushio – those affected me the most. Can you imagine having your daughter collapse while you’re out on a walk, dying in your arms? I can’t even begin to. That was such a devastating moment. As a whole, this is why I love Clannad: the emotions, drama, romance and meaningful friendships with a bit of magic sprinkled in. Also, all images are from Google and are not my own.

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