Is He Into You?

This is a really good question. I thought about this when I was initially interested in dating Luis. I had no idea if he noticed me or not. I’m normally pretty dense about noticing that sort of thing. Though, a couple of my friends noticed that I liked Luis after I kept sitting by him at JAM. I was determined to ask him to go to Starbucks with me. We met when JAM hosted the Kawaii Cafe, which I described in a previous post. We made our relationship official about two weeks later. So, I’ll go through the signs that I knew he was interested in dating me.


  1. He likes your social media posts constantly and consistently. This is one of the first things I noticed. I kept seeing Luis’ name pop up on my Facebook page. I figured I must have made an impression on him or that he was just a friendly guy. This happened when I started posting pictures from the Kawaii Cafe. So, keep an eye on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.
  2. You have that moment where you just look at each other. I think both of us noticed this during our first date. We had some random quiet moments where we just stopped and looked at each other. Eye contact is definitely good, as long as you’re not lingering too much. Then it just looks creepy. You get that giddy, butterflies in your stomach kind of feeling. That’s when I realized that we clicked as more than friends.
  3. He actively listens to you and is genuinely interested in your life. This is completely true. My boyfriend is great about this. See if he asks you about what you enjoy doing, your friends and family. It’s likely if he’s asking these questions, then he’s curious about you. Watch his body language too. See if he moves closer to you or touches your arm.
  4. He offers you his jacket. This happened when the two of us were walking to Harold’s. The weather was a bit chilly while I was in my maid dress. Luis told me that if he’d had his jacket, he would’ve given it to me since I was cold. It’s a kind gesture and shows that he wants to be closer to you. I felt happy when this happened.
  5. You talk about your favorite TV/Movie OTPs. This was more anime-based for us. We found out that we have a mutual obsession with Naruto and Hinata along with Tomoya and Nagisa from Clannad. He told me that it was something he wouldn’t normally talk about with his guy friends. Common interests are important. You don’t have to like everything they do, it’s good to be different. But, anime/manga started our relationship and it continues to play a role for us as a couple.
  6. When he texts you frequently and is enthusiastic about it. I remember we texted all the time, even before dating. He would always say that he was looking forward to seeing me again or that he had a good time.

These are just some the signs that could potentially pop up. I wish you luck and hope everything goes well!

*Images are from Pinterest

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