Get Your Groove Back!

Hi guys! As I’m writing this, I feel unmotivated to get things done. I’m convinced it’s that time of year. This usually happens to me in November, especially with school work. We tend to get tired and are antsy for Thanksgiving & Winter Break. At least that’s the case for me. I’ll get to go home for a couple of days over Thanksgiving, so I’m glad for that. I need a break. I was thinking of doing some homework now, but Chicago is super loud with celebrating the Cubs winning the World Series. Which, by the way, IS AWESOME. CONGRATULATIONS CUBS! However, I can hear screaming and cars honking from my room and basically anywhere in the building. So, I’ll just work on my assignments later. In order to motivate myself and you, I came up with some ideas to get your groove back! Let’s get out of this funk and get stuff done while also having time to relax. *The images featured are from Pinterest and are not my own. 


  1. Clean up your space. I find it’s hard to concentrate when there’s a mess in my room. You could take 15-20 minutes and pick some things up and throw out garbage. If you’re not motivated, try working in 10 minute periods and do simple tasks. You don’t need to go all Marie Kondo on the place. Play some music too – pick uplifting and catchy songs that get you up and moving.
  2. Exercise. I know it’s not always what you want to do, but I promise it helps. Exercise gives you endorphins, so you’ll feel better afterwards. If you don’t want to do intense cardio, why not try yoga? Just 10 minutes is a great start. Some light stretching is also nice if your back is hurting from stress or a long day.
  3. Go outside! Enjoy nature. Fresh air does good for the soul. Taking a quick walk will make you feel a lot better. In my case, I like visiting Lake Shore Drive and sitting on a bench. It doesn’t have to be for a long time, but you’ll be able to get natural Vitamin D, which gives you an energy boost.
  4. If you’re really frustrated, try making an appointment with a counselor. We have Counseling Services at Columbia College Chicago. It’s helpful to talk to someone in a non-judgmental environment. They can give you useful ideas that will give you the motivation to succeed and get things done.
  5. Write about your frustrations. You could write a blog post, like I’m doing. Or, you could write in your personal journal. You can control who sees what you write. In my case, this is public. Or, in a journal, you can be the only viewer of the material.
  6. Postitive reinforcement is key. If you associate homework with a positive thing, like watching an episode on Netflix, you’ll get more done. Having a reward will give you something to look forward to, just don’t have it be food-related. Go on Pinterest to figure out some possible ideas.
  7. Go do something else for a little while. Hang out with a friend. Sometimes it helps to take a break. If you feel unmotivated, your work will be unmotivated. It could be something quick, like getting a drink at Starbucks. It doesn’t have to be anything long or fancy.


I hope these tips help! Let me know what you do to get out of a funk in the comments. 🙂


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