Count Your Blessings

Thanksgiving was yesterday, but I still want to count my blessings. This year has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. There’s been so many positive things in my life: becoming an RA, starting my junior year of college, making new friends (JAM folks, I’m talking to you!) and being in a relationship with my boyfriend, Luis. All of these things have made me so happy. Even though times have been stressful lately with finals approaching, I remember what I’m thankful for. It’s good to be gracious and care for the things and people we have in our lives. We need to tell people “thank you for being there”. We don’t always say it enough. It’s something I want to get into more – writing about things I’m thankful for on a daily basis. It’s easy enough to write in my journal – it would take just a minute. I feel really lucky to have great people in my life as a support system. So, I’d like to make some statements about each of the things I’m thankful for:

  1. Luis, thank you for being so supportive of my goals and encouraging me to do the best I can. You’re kind, smart and funny – I appreciate your optimistic outlook on life. It’s always nice when you bring food to my dorm while I’m on duty – it’s much appreciated! You make me smile all the time and I still have that giddy, excited feeling whenever we see each other. It’s also great that you like anime – I like that we can dork out about that stuff together. You’re such a great guy and I’m lucky to have you in my life. I’m happy that the Kawaii Cafe brought us together! 🙂
  2. My friends at JAM (You know who you are!), you’re all so unique in personality – we’ve got quite a variety of people who love anime. You guys never fail to make me laugh while we’re hanging out at game night or while watching Godzilla at club. I’m happy that you’ve included me in late night runs to Devil Dawgs and playing Super Smash Bros. together. I’m finally getting better at Mario Kart. Having this common interest has brought all of us together and I’m proud to be a member of JAM.
  3. To my co-workers and fellow RAs, I’ve learned a lot from all of you. I’m proud to be part of such a hardworking, kind-hearted, passionate group of people. It’s been fun getting to know all of you – whether we’re on duty together or I talked to you in the RARR. I’d like to give a shoutout to Diamond, my mentor, for answering my questions and helping me out along the way. You’ve been a big help! Mar, I’m happy to have you as my spiritual mentor since you don’t have a mentee. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you since training started. This is my “warm fuzzy” to you guys.
  4. To my family as a whole, thank you for supporting me in my college journey. I appreciate the encouragement and loving words you offer. It helps me out more than you think it does. I’m excited for all of us to be together at Christmas this year. It’ll be nice getting to catch up and see what everybody’s doing. Even though we’re all in different places, we’re together in our hearts.
  5. Sarah, I’m so glad we’ve been friends since 7th grade! We go way back. You’ve been with me through the embarrassing middle school days – I’d like to believe we’re a lot cooler now. I wouldn’t wear fishnet gloves with anybody else. Madeline, I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you in college! Sulwana, It’s been great getting to hang out with you – It’s been a lot of fun! I hope to continue to get to know you more. Catherine, we’ve been friends since we met at FIDM. I love getting to watch Clueless, Romy and Michele and The Bachelor/Bachelorette with you. You’re a fun person to spend time with and I hope we can have another girl’s trip soon!


*Image is from Google. This is what I’m thankful for! Comment below with what you’re thankful for in your life. Have a great day!

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