Winter Date Ideas!


I smell snow. We just had our first snowfall in Chicago. It got me to thinking about Winter. Then, I thought, what would be some date ideas suitable for the season? Winter is a time of wonder, happiness and holidays. And adorable couples. I’ve gone a couple of Wintery dates myself, so here are my suggestions:

  1. Go ice skating and have hot chocolate! This is a fun, active date that is great for the season. You can ask for someone to take a picture of you while you’re on the ice.
  2. Watch Christmas movies! You can snuggle up at home and relax with your significant other. There are so many great nostalgic titles – make it a movie marathon if you’d like.
  3. Visit a Christmas Market! In Chicago, we have the Christkindlmarket. It’s a German Market full of delicious sweets, delightful souvenirs and hot red wine served in mugs shaped like a boot. There’s something for everyone.
  4. Take a picture underneath a large Christmas tree. Most towns and cities have these! We have one over by Millennium Park. It’s nice to look at the pretty lights up close.
  5. Bake cookies/sweets together! They can be anything you’d like. There are so many holiday recipes on Pinterest that would work well for the occasion. I’d also try Food Network’s website.
  6. Go Sledding – this is a fun winter activity for a reason. Everyone is a kid at heart, plus, who doesn’t love sliding down a giant hill?
  7. Go for a walk in your own Winter Wonderland. Take a step outside and enjoy the beautiful, smelling snow. You can even make snow angels and play in the snow!
  8. Visit stores and look at their holiday window displays. It’s amazing how they’re put together and the results that are displayed. You’ll feel inspired just looking at them.
  9. Watch Netflix in your pajamas and make apple cider. You can kick back and relax while watching one of your favorite TV shows.
  10. Have a snowball fight! Protect your turf while throwing snowballs at your significant other.


*Images are not my own, from Google Images.

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