New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year’s Resolutions often seem too big to accomplish. That’s why I want to focus on small goals I can accomplish throughout 2017. I don’t expect to change bad habits and old patterns in a week. Then, once you accomplish small goals, you can work up to larger changes. 2016 has been a great year for me, one with its ups and downs. Some of the highlights for me are:

  1. Becoming a junior in college and earning straight A’s.
  2. Meeting my boyfriend, Luis, and being in an uplifting and happy relationship.
  3. Making new friends (especially at JAM!).
  4. Becoming an RA for University Center and getting to know so many awesome residents.
  5. Re-launching my blog and establishing my brand.


However, I’ve had my struggles: like working out consistently and eating healthy, along with handling feelings of anxiety when making decisions. I tend to be overly critical if I don’t do something right the first time. I do the best I can to not beat myself up when it comes to my job, school or personal relationships. I have the habit of starting projects but not finishing them. I’d like to change that. Here are the small goals I’d like to keep in mind throughout 2017:

  1. Be curious and learn new things: I’m taking a fiction writing class next semester. I’m excited for that! I’m also taking Intro to Advertising – it’s an area I’d like to delve into. I’d like to learn more about copywriting and see if it would be a good fit for me as a career. It’s good to be open-minded and learn new things when you can. It makes you more knowledgable and you’ll be able to express yourself creatively.
  2. Work out: I’m thinking two to three times a week is a great start. I’d like to dedicate a half hour of my time to working out. I think that’s doable. I’ve done it before. I think including variety in my workouts will help tremendously. I’ll explore workouts from Tone it Up, YouTube and Pinterest. I want to get creative with getting fit. I want to feel great and look great – I know it will help other areas of my life.
  3. Pick healthier options: I know that I’m not perfect, so I’ll try to pick healthier options in place of junk food. This could include drinking water instead of soda or choosing greek yogurt instead of ice cream. I’ll treat myself occasionally, but not go too overboard with my sweet tooth/carb cravings. I don’t want to deprive myself of important nutrients my body needs to function.
  4. Be kind to myself and others: Everybody has their struggles; I want to help others as much as I can. I think kindness is a great way to start. This is a great way to spread good karma which will come back into your life. I want to be positive and friendly; the person who you’re like, “Wow! That person is so easy to talk to, I’m glad we’re friends”.
  5. Try new things: I want to try new foods, go to new places in Chicago and get out of my comfort zone. I don’t want to stay stuck in my same routine. It’s good to shake things up and do something exciting. Maybe I’ll find some great date spots or places to go with my friends. This applies to my blog too! I’ll launch “Anna Tries: _____” blog posts chronicling my experience with something like meditation for a week, a workout plan or paying it forward in 2017.


2016 has been a complicated year for many people; especially with all of the celebrity deaths and the presidential election. I’m ready to look forward to the new year and do the best I can to succeed in my personal, professional and academic life. I hope you have a great year! 2017, here we come! 🙂 *Images are from Pinterest, they aren’t my own.

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