Anna’s Bookshelf: Dream It Dare It Do It

Hi everyone! I hope you’re off to a great start in 2017. This post marks the start of a series called “Anna’s Bookshelf”. I’ll be writing book reviews anytime after I read a book, fiction or non-fiction. Recently, I went to Barnes & Noble to buy some new books. In this post, I’m going to review Dream It Dare It Do It from the writers of Cosmopolitan magazine. It’s a non-fiction book that gathers their most loved articles and tips from past issues. Here is the description provided on the back of the book:


“Are you ready to live your most fun, fearless life? Let’s get to it! From dressing for the job you want to mastering the define-the-relationship talk with your guy, Cosmo’s got you covered. Throwing a party for your pals? Finally getting your apartment organized? We have all the practical, doable tips you’ll need. And let’s not forget your next area of domination: finding long-lasting love and keeping things super-hot. Cosmo’s Dream It Dare It Do It is your road map to the awesome life you deserve.”

The description drew me in; I think it grabs the reader’s attention. This book is geared towards women 21 +, so I’m in the direct target market. It’s categorized as a self-help book and is published by HEARSTBooks. It costs $24.95 to purchase but I got mine for half the price, thanks to being a Barnes and Noble member plus an additional discount. As someone who loves reading Cosmopolitan, I knew I had to get this book. I figured, why not? I’ll talk about each of the chapters and some of my favorite portions. I’ll also talk about what I didn’t like about the book. Each page throughout this book has a mini article from various experts. There are a variety of topics covered, so I’ll talk about my top 3 from each chapter.

Chapter 1: Dream It, Then Do It

Break Bad Emotional Habits by Lauren Zander, Chairman of The Handel Group: She talks about how to deal with embarrassing habits and how to stop them in their tracks. It’s also interesting to realize that our bad habits talk to us. This voice causes us to engage in activities that aren’t good for us.

Make a Love Plan by Gabrielle Bernstein, Life Coach and Author: Gabrielle says it’s important to prioritize friendships while you’re in a relationship. I agree with this wholeheartedly. You should think about whether you enjoyed spending time with someone. Also, you don’t need alcohol to have fun, try avoiding drinks on a first date. Don’t worry about your past and let it go.

Show Off Your Best Self by Aliza Licht, DKNY PR Girl: She discusses how to market yourself in the social media world and in your career. This information reminded me of what I learned in my Marketing Yourself. You always want to put your best foot forward. Who are you and how do you want others to see you? Be yourself and start small with social media platforms. If you’re image savvy, try Pinterest and Instagram. If you’re more word oriented, try Facebook and Twitter. What’s your signature style/aesthetic? How do you present yourself?

Chapter 2: Work & Money

Why You Need a Go-To Look: This article brings up a great point! When you think of certain celebrities, a beauty style comes to mind. I think of Blake Lively’s long and beautiful blonde, beachy hair. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I also imagine Kristen Stewart’s edgy 90s style. Having something that makes you stand out will help you in your career. Your visual image is just as important as your skills; it’s the first thing people see when they look at you.

Be More Creative Every Day by Amy Powell, Paramount Pictures: It’s great to step out of your comfort zone and do something new everyday. It could be going to a restaurant, watching a TV show you haven’t seen or meeting someone new. It’s good to stay up to date with news and other outlets you value. Don’t get caught up in technology; it’s better to have real interactions the majority of the time.

I’m Not Ashamed of Getting Fired by Jill Abramson, Journalist: Getting fired happens to so many people. It’s okay if it happens to you. Sometimes companies face budget cuts, meaning they have to get rid of some employees. Each circumstance is different. You don’t need to feel ashamed of what happened. You’ll figure out a game plan to start a new job/career path. It takes time, but with the help of a great support system, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Chapter 3: Love, Lust & Other Stuff

Can Your Mom Be Your BFF? by Jodi Picoult: I think this is a good question to consider. Moms and daughters can be friends, to an extent. A Mom is also an authority figure, so there has to be a balance between the two roles. Your Mom’s got your back, believe that she has your best interests in mind.

This is NOT Why You’re Single by Sara Eckel: You know how it’s awkward when someone asks you, “Why are you single?” or “You’re single because you’re too ______”. Some reasons people give are “you’re too picky” or “you’re too available”. This article provides helpful comebacks for when someone says that to you.

How to Help A Friend In Trouble: This article provides real-life examples of tough situations people go through. It’s nice to know how you can help a friend in need. I also like this portion, since I’m an RA – it helps me figure out ways I can approach a resident if they’re struggling with something.

Chapter 4: Live it Up!

Organize Your Beauty Crap: This provides ways on organizing beauty products in different areas of your apartment/home. The methods mentioned are cute, efficient, and easy to do.

Oh, Grow Up:  I love to cook, so this section was one of my favorites. There are grown-up versions of our favorite recipes from childhood, like grilled cheese and pancakes. This section provides a good variety of options better suited to an adult palette.

How to Drink Like You Know What You’re Doing: This cheat sheet provides drink recommendations and how to tell a Sauvignon Blanc from a Pinot Noir. Spirits are also discussed. It’s a great guide if you’re new to drinks or want to impress your friends with all of your wine knowledge.

As a whole, this book was fun and interesting but repetitive. It was like reading a longer issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. I’ve seen many of these articles before when I’ve purchased the magazine. I like that they’re all in one convenient place, but the price seems too expensive to consider purchasing. I would rate this book 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. It’s entertaining at parts and has some good advice, but a lot of it is common knowledge or easy to figure out on your own. If you really love Cosmo, I would get it – or you could just pick up the latest copy of the magazine instead of shelling out money for a book. If you’ve read it or want to share your thoughts, comment below!

*All Rights Reserved to Cosmopolitan and Hearst Communications, Inc. None of what is in the book is my own and I do not claim it as such.

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