Day 2: My Favorite Anime so Far

I’ve watched my fair share of anime titles over the years, so it was difficult for me to pick my favorite anime so far. I could probably pick multiple ones. The one that stands out in my mind is Wedding Peach. I have box sets for both seasons, including OVAs. I’ve also watched the series over and over again. It was my first introduction to the Magical Girl (Mahou Shojo) genre. Sure, it’s a bit cheesy and has older ’90s animation, but it’s definitely worth watching.


Wedding Peach follows the adventures of Momoko Hanasaki and her two friends Hinagaku Tamano and Yuri Tanima. They’re in middle school and end up becoming magical girls to fight against evil devils who are trying to take over the world. Momoko Hanasaki turns into Wedding Peach, the leader of the group. Momoko is a lot like Usagi from Sailor Moon; she’s a bit below average, makes terrible grades but is compassionate and caring towards others.


One of my favorite parts of this anime is the romance. There are a few different storylines related to this area. Momoko meets a soccer back-up goalie named Yosuke Fuma. Yosuke is constantly teasing and insulting Momoko and her friends calling her Momopi. Slowly but surely, they grow closer and end up becoming a couple later on in the series. Their first kiss is one of the best anime kiss scenes. It’s so adorable and innocent. There’s also Yuri and Yanagiba along with Hinagiku and Takuro. I can blame my high standards for romance on Wedding Peach.


It also has a great message about friendship. Friendship is important because it helps you get through tough times. It’s nice to have the support of others. They all have a lot of stress throughout the show and help each other. Friends will always have your back, no matter what. The girls are more successful when they work together. If you like Sailor Moon, you’ll probably like Wedding Peach. They’re similar in a lot of ways. I would recommend it if you want to learn more about the magical girl genre.

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