Day 3: Favorite Male Anime Character

After much consideration, I came to realize that my favorite male anime character is Kenji Harima from School Rumble. I watched the show back in high school and I have fond memories of Harima specifically. He’s goofy, badass and can never seem to get Tenma’s attention. He also has some serious moments where he offers words of wisdom to other characters. Harima is one of the most relatable characters that I’ve come across. Also, who doesn’t like a guy in a black leather jacket who wears sunglasses? The long hair helps him come across like a delinquent.


Harima either goes big or goes home. He doesn’t take anything lightly. If someone pisses him off, he beats them up. When he falls in love with Tenma, he falls hard. He’s got an interesting outlook on life. It’s interesting to see him involved in such a complicated love triangle with Karasuma and Tenma. One of my favorite quotes from Harima, “Yeah, time for the badass to get the girl, let’s go to school!!!”. I respect Harima’s determination to be in the same class as his crush, Tenma. Everyone is afraid of him but Harima actually has a big heart.


Another quote I like from him is, “YOU VIBE KILLER!” from the first episode. I like his melodramatic monologues each episode. He’s quite an amusing guy. I personally like him because Harima’s super hilarious and doesn’t even realize it. He’s also a big softie and has constant fantasies of Tenma falling in love with him. I wish Harima was real, so he could be in my class. He would keep things real for everyone.

If you haven’t seen School Rumble, I would recommend it. It’s a great slice-of-life comedy with a wacky bunch of characters. You can enjoy Kenji Harima for yourself if you haven’t already!

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