Day 4: Favorite Female Anime Character

I’m done with the first season of Code Geass and I’m completely obsessed with Princess Euphemia li Britannia (Euphie). She’s beautiful and I really love her long pink hair with her signature double buns. As a princess, she wears elegant dresses and attire on a regular basis. She’s a selfless person and is always looking out for her sister, Cornelia, as well as Suzaku and the rest of Britannia/Area 11. Euphie can be a bit impulsive but that quality makes her especially lovable. Euphemia wants to make everyone happy but isn’t always able to. Note: SPOILERS AHEAD.


Plus, she’s not a racist Britannian like Nina Einstein… She realizes that Elevens are real people who have real feelings and wants to live in peace with them. Plus, she falls in love with Suzaku Kururugi, who is Japanese. In a world full of fighting and peril, Euphie doesn’t want to fight. She wants to be a peaceful leader as sub-viceroy. She frequently complains about how violent their world is.


She has a really fun sense of humor too which you wouldn’t expect in a Britannian princess. Euphemia can be prim and proper when she needs to but also has a goofy side to her. I wish she wasn’t just a supporting character; I’d love to hear more about her and learn about her past fully. I also haven’t gotten to season 2 yet, so I don’t know her full story quite yet.

It’s amazing how someone can have such an optimistic outlook on life during such depressing and violent circumstances. Not a lot of people would have the willpower to do that. I hope I can cosplay her someday (when I have enough $$$). Being a princess doesn’t come cheap. In honor of Princess Euphemia, here are some of my favorite moments of her. Have a great day! 🙂

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