Day 5: An Anime I’m Ashamed I Enjoyed

An anime I’m ashamed I enjoyed was something I finished recently. It’s Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes doesn’t Exist. I remember a friend talking about it one time and I stumbled upon it when I was watching a video on Funimation’s YouTube channel. It looked amusing and intriguing, so I thought, “why not watch it?”. I’ll explain what it’s about.


For 10 years, dirty jokes, pornography and anything considered indecent has been banned in Japan. There are police officers known as the Decency Squad, who arrest those who violate this important law. The story follows Tanukichi, son of a well-known pervert who was arrested and average schoolboy. He strives to be pure, like his role model, student council president, Anna Nishkinomiya. Tanukichi comes across a woman named Blue Snow, who wears underwear on her face and dons a white sheet. She distributes pornographic photos and other lewd material. She wants to educate Japanese high school students about sex and why it’s a good thing.


Tanukichi becomes involved with Blue Snow’s mission and becomes a “sexual terrorist” himself. The high school students are extremely repressed and don’t know anything about sex. Though outlandish at times (every episode!) it was really, really funny. I watched the censored version and it made things even more amusing. Blue Snow (Ayame) would use some pretty colorful words.


There’s also the yandere, Anna. She starts out as a pure-hearted, innocent girl who wants to maintain decency at her school. Then, after accidentally kissing Tanukichi, sexual desires awaken inside of her. So, in nearly episode, she’s always trying to have sex with him against Tanukichi’s will. There’s also the infamous “love nectar” scene where she bakes some rather interesting cookies…I’ll go ahead and leave some videos with some scenes from the show for you to watch. Proceed at your own risk.

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