Day 7: Your Anime Crush

Drumroll, please. My anime crush is….Sanosuke Sagara from Rurouni Kenshin! He’s been a favorite of mine for a long time (ever since 7th grade). He’s manly, badass and super funny. He is definitely husbando material. I remember he first came into the series as a hitman for hire, trying to kill Kenshin. He also has the extreme hatred towards Imperialists and has a tragic backstory. It makes him even more lovable. Plus, there are so many hilarious moments with Sano. He’s a pretty silly guy that’s somewhat dimwitted.


He’s strong and ready to protect the ones that he loves. Sanosuke is the type of guy who would never back down from a fight. I feel like he has the traits I would want for an ideal crush. He’s also shirtless all the time, so that’s a nice perk…There’s also a fun episode where a dog keeps following him around and won’t leave him alone. Sanosuke gets super agitated. He also gets into some interesting adventures with Kenshin and Yanosuke too.


As much as he’s funny, he can be serious when he needs to be. Sanosuke is often on the brink of death during the show when it comes to fighting. He always has to prove the others that he’s the best to defend the name of the Sagara clan. He’s been screwed over so many times and wants to finally win. I respect his courage and determination to achieve his goals. He seems like a guy you’d want to get sake with. That’s what we’d do hypothetically, if I was an anime character. Here’s a video of Sanosuke’s english dub voice actor singing; prepare for your fangirl hearts to explode:

Who’s your anime crush? Comment below! 🙂

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