Day 9: Best Anime Villain

Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon is the best anime villain! She has a fantastic back story and is cruel towards her underlings. She’s a beautiful yet scary woman with curly red hair, pale skin and golden brown eyes. Queen Beryl wears a long purple gown with black detailing and dangly earrings. Her name itself is based on the mineral “Beryl”. She is the commander of the Dark Kingdom in the first season of Sailor Moon.


We learn that Queen Beryl was a low-ranking Earth sorceress who fell in love with Prince Endymion. Her love for him was unrequited because he was in love with Princess Serenity. Queen Beryl became obsessively jealous of Princess Serenity after she found out the news. Queen Beryl became corrupted by Queen Metalia because of the hate in her heart. Queen Beryl vowed to destroy the Moon Kingdom and disobeyed Endymion’s orders.


Queen Beryl wasn’t afraid to kill those who stood in her way, even her own minions. She’s a ruthless woman who would resort to any means possible to steal the Silver Crystal and restore Queen Metalia. She was killed during battle with the Sailor Guardians. She caused so many problems for the main characters in the show. She’s not the kind of villain you want to mess with. She’s powerful from all of the hate in her heart. Comment below or tweet me @allthingsannak with your favorite anime villain!



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