Day 16: Anime with the Best Animation

The anime with the best animation is Gekkan Shojo (Monthly Girls’) Nozaki-kun. I really enjoyed watching it because of the crisp, smooth details. Each character is aesthetically pleasing. It makes sense because the show is focused on a manga artist. The animation for the main character, Chiyo Sakura, is just too cute. She’s a precious cinnamon roll who you really want to hug. The animation is done in a modern style without being overdone or cheesy. The show came out during Summer 2014, so it’s not too old of a title. Also, the opening itself is extremely fun! I like the use of manga frames, colors and the art supplies moving around at the end. I also appreciate the effort put into the backgrounds. It feels really cute altogether with a girly flair.


The animation studio was Doga Kobo. They’ve produced other popular anime including Himouto! Umaru-Chan, Plastic Memories and New Game. I can definitely see similarities between these titles. All of the characters are drawn in a cute, shojo-esque style. The animation really enhances the show itself. What anime do you think has the best animation? Sound off in the comments below.



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