Day 20: Anime Character That Gets on My Nerves


Unlike the other categories, this one was easy to figure out. The anime character that gets on my nerves is Sae Kashiwagi from Peach Girl. I get a headache everytime she appears on my screen. Sae and Momo (the main character) are friends yet she’s always plotting something. Sae is jealous of Momo and tries to copy her down to the last detail. They wear the same school uniform, shoes and makeup. Sae is constantly a source of stress for Momo. She has a big mouth and is a perpetual liar.

Sae paints herself as the victim and makes it look like Momo is bullying her. She twists reality into whatever she wants to construct. She also knows that Momo likes Toji but tries to steal him for herself. She wants everything that Momo has. She doesn’t really get much better even towards the end of the anime.

Sae is a dishonest person who has terrible self-esteem. She always has to tear others down to feel good about herself. Sae is someone who can’t control her temper and easily has outbursts. I remember yelling at the TV when I first watched the show. That’s how much Sae bothers me.


Have you seen Peach Girl and also hate Sae? Which anime character gets on your nerves? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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